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Books About Big Art
  • A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, 1917-1932
    A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, 1917-1932
    by John Richardson
  • Sarah Lucas: A Catalog RaisonnĂ©
    Sarah Lucas: A Catalog Raisonné
    by Yilmaz Dziewior, Sarah Lucas
  • Grayson Perry
    Grayson Perry
    by Jacky Klein
  • Hendrik Kerstens (English and Dutch Edition)
    Hendrik Kerstens (English and Dutch Edition)
    by Pim Milo, Kathy Ryan
  • David Hockney: A Bigger Picture
    David Hockney: A Bigger Picture
    by Marco Livingstone, Margaret Drabble, Tim Barringer, Xavier Salomon, Stuart Comer, Martin Gayford
  • Vernon Ah Kee: Born in this Skin
    Vernon Ah Kee: Born in this Skin
    by Robert Leonard, Anthony Gardner, Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Blair French, Glenn Barkley
  • Yayoi Kusama
    Yayoi Kusama
    by Midori Yamamura, Jo Applin, Yayoi Kusama
  • Henry Moore: From the Inside Out; Plasters, Carvings, Drawings
    Henry Moore: From the Inside Out; Plasters, Carvings, Drawings
    Prestel Publishing
  • Wall and Piece
    Wall and Piece
    by Banksy
  • Mark Rothko
    Mark Rothko
    by Mr. Jeffrey Weiss
  • Louise Bourgeois
    Louise Bourgeois
    by Robert Storr, Paulo Herkenhoff
  • Damien Hirst
    Damien Hirst
    by Ann Gallagher
Join the Big Picture

A blog that aims to spark thoughts and inspire by seeking out and sharing works of art

Historically, artists have always worked big, and nowadays those boundaries are being pushed to the limits.

Large-scale art, whether in the form of photos from the Hubble space telescope, sharks floating in tanks of formaldehyde, rooms full of dots, concrete sculptures cast from Victorian buildings or hand knitted blankets wrapped around trees, large-scale art is all around us. Join the Big Picture aims to spark thoughts and inspire by seeking out and sharing these works.

All content by Karla Thompson, an ex-pat Aussie living in East London. When not working on Join the Big Picture she is part of the backbone to the Leonhard Pfeifer brand.

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Tile-covered stoves at Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn

Tile-covered stoves decorated with blue drawings in Dutch-style.
Kadriorg Art Museum 2013

On a recent trip to Estonia I was blown away by these beautifully decorative tile covered stoves at the Kadriorg Art Musuem in Tallinn. Tallinn is a beautiful city benefiting from sandy beaches and lushly landscaped parks. The most impressive was the park surrounding the Kadriorg palace; both garden and palace commissioned by the Russian Czar Peter the Great.

There is a small collection of art within the palace. However the architecture and glorious interiors are most impressive and in every room of the palace, tucked neatly into a corner were these stunning tile covered stoves painted with cobalt-blue detailed landscape motifs. Made in St. Petersburg in the early 18th century the stoves were brought to Tallinn specifically for Peter the Great’s summer residence.


Telliskivi street art - Tallinn Estonia

Whilst in Estonia on an indulgent working holiday trip we found a great area in Tallinn called Telliskivi. A semi-used industrial estate with dirt roads and various heavy machinery rusting on grassy patches, the area was dotted with a wonderful selection of local design shops, studios and eateries (our favourite incidentally being F-Hoone) as well as a wonderful gathering of sweet mosaics.

These delicate little pieces lined a massive industrial wall complete with abandoned train tracks that lead us to a super chic boutique beer bar serving well heeled folks with impressive beards and moustaches. We felt proud to bring our grumpy 5 year old to hang with the cool kids.


Motor Tyre chairs at the KUMU

Villu Jaanisoo (1963) Chair I-II 2001.
Motor Tyres Art Museum of Estonia

Born in Tallinn and now living and working in Helsinki sculptor Villu Jaanisoo is fascinated by recycling industrial waste materials; like car tyres, and uses them to construct familiar objects in a gigantic scale.  His work from 2001, titled simply Chair I-II, are pride of place in the grand foyer of the Kumu, Estonia's museum of modern art.  

Looking as if the chairs have been drapped softly with blankets of tyres, the chairs are snug and inviting, perfect for snuggling in on a freezing cold baltic evening. Beautifully contructed, the individual tyres are smoothe and worn in places and rough and ragged in others.  

I like the repurposing of commercial watse materials and think other artists like Mr Brainwash agrees.



Street art, old town Tallinn, Estonia


Spending time walking the medieval cobbled streets of the old town of Tallinn this week, and its wonderful industrial areas. Oh happy days lovely Estonia.